pearl church of Christ ministries

location: G.pedapudi.....533274, Near village panchayat office, P.gannavaram mandal, East Godavari, India.

pearl church of Christ ministries

pastor: David vp rao Jalli

phone: +919701568650

web site: http://G.pedapudi.....533274, Near village panchayat office


Dearly beloved brothers/sisters in Christ, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for this good privilege to connect with you.We do appreciate your friendship.. Following few lines introduction of the ministry. we are busy in carrying the good news and for for the restoration of the NT Church as well for the welfare of the poorest around us. we preach Christ in these rural Godavari districts where the majority are poor,illiterate and Idol worshipers.your prayers and support requested in our forward march. we love to receive your news magazines tracts and sermon outlines from your respected Elders and also love their presence with us greatly appreciated.. please be assured of our prayers for you. my dear brothers and sisters. your prayers and support can be of great help of our orphans children. We prefer to use used items of any kind in this ministry.such as used clothes toys used shoes Trusting your concern and encouragement during the special and forth coming Christmas season. We conduct bible classes weekly in four centers 1,China palem,2, Chindadagaruvu, 3, G.pedapudi, and 4,Goginamatam. In each center the attendance is 20 to 25. we OWE YOU MORE THAN THANKS FOR YOUR LOVING GIFTS providing Tea, lunch,and Bus fares is our burden.......We trust your prayers and any kind of assistance for this Bible learning project. The pearl Church of Christ Ministries sending their salutations to the Church you serve. yours loving brother in Christ, Address.......................... Pearl Church of Christ Ministries, Bro, David V Prasadarao Jalli G.pedapudi 533274, East Godavari Andrapradesh, INDIA............Cell; 91 97015 68650 Love has been the hallmark of vital Christianity since its beginning.The Thessalonians showed that steadfast love to others.


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