location: Bible Bhavan Compound, Garivid, Vizianagaram,Andhra Pradesh, 535128, India.


pastor: T.CH.Babu

phone: 919989505580

web site:


Ministries N Missions The God Heavenly Gospel Ministries (TGHG Ministries) is a non-profit, Christian organization that has served our Lord for over 27 years, the father of Pastor T.Ch.Babu started this Mission and , His name is , Rev. Luke, who founded the original organization that would eventually become TGHG MINISTRIES, came from the Baptist background. Today we reach out to all Christian denominations and to those who do not yet know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rev. Luke started TGHG Ministries in 1982 and worked for the glory of the Lord (along with 15 young men) until he went to be with Him in 1998. ************************* After my father passed away, I went into a period of prayer and fasting after which the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a vision for MINISTRIES AND MISSIONS and the wonderful name of our organization (The God Heavenly Gospel Ministries) in 2001. About Pastor Babu He is the Pastor of BBB Church and evangelist and President of TGHG MINISTRIES AND SRI LAL N CARE MISSION ,God given him a sweet and wonderful wife and 3 children ....{ He located in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, South India } **IF YOU WILL STAND WITH US WE CAN DO OUR BEST IN CHRIST ** PASTOR T. CH. BABU Love to care Faith In Action Preach for Christ OUR E MAIL : South India E Mail Us : Cell: 0091 9989505580 CLICK HERE THIS IS OUR HEART IN CHRIST , loving to do the will of God , Glory to be the survent of the lord Jesus Christ , And forgot what we was Just remember what we are in Christ for Christ .......... this is all our Ministries N missions FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD INDIA


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