Jesus Cares Prayer Fellowship

location:, Visakhapatnam, 530001, India.

pastor: Pastor P. R. Sekhar

phone: +91-8341954117


Dear beloved Friends, Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our God! I am much interested to have ministry sharing fellowship with you therefore, I am writing to you and do hope that you will give me an opportunity to share the ministry work with you. It will take the entire body of Christ working with you to fulfill the great commission, that’s why I am sending you this e-mail. I need your prayers and blessings to plant churches and do more social services in my remote Tribal areas and serving the people of God by giving training, and hold conferences. You are welcome to visit our churches and children homes. I would like to hear from you and want fellowship with your ministry so please visit churches and children homes. Looking for your kind reply.


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