Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church

location: 94 Kenwick Road, Kenwick, WA, 6107, Australia.

Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church

pastor: Romeo Macale

phone: (08) 94591233

web site:


The Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, separate, old-fashioned, King James Version, (KJV/AV 1611), Baptist (not baptistic), pretribulation, premillennial, missionary / soulwinning, unaffiliated, non-charismatic, and local New Testament Baptist church. In and outside of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, we do not only prefer the inspired and preserved King James Bible, but rather we do use, believe, preach, teach, and practise it. We do not correct or attempt to change or question the King James Bible but rather allow it to change us; we believe the King James Bible is God's perfect Word in the English language.


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